Sunday, February 1, 2009

Molly Arden

Fat versus Phat

I am fat and maybe phat.
I am not flat. I am fat.
My curves are curvey and that is that.
Cover your genitals with a hat.

What's the diff between this and that?
Between his and hat?Between fat and phat?
Or is and at?

If a woman is a brat,
And a man is a rat,
Then it's as sure as tit for tat
That phat is not so fast. What?

Not so fat.Show me your cat,
Say the boys at the frat.
The most ridiculous word in the language is twat.



Dry wedding (whipped cream frosting) cake
phone conversation about sales (fake)
any velvet (crushed)
always late for work (blue slip) rush
eager peanut nipples
tight clothes sausaging ripples
movies for eight bucks
wishing I'd stayed home and fucked.



Wry heading (sip dream hosting) make
bone conversation about failed wake
and crimson (lush);
Al stays late after work (you trip) bush.
Eager, sea (not) ripples.
I don’t know what happened to my nipples.
Oh, there they are. Firm as rocks.
Lovelies for straight jocks.
Wish I’d stayed home and fucked.

The Last Shall Be First

Tis I who miss you
said the double to the single
when the clockface cracked
and I turned back
and there you were.

Have you recovered
from the fluand not discovered
someone new
to take my place?

To forgive is blessed
(your tits in my vest)
but an arm in a sling
is a wounded bra
and I get to sing
of you and your wound.

We might live in a theory
and drink in a bar
but it is your braf
or if you are Alice
(said the wedding guest)
I must be phallus.

No one, no fun, no tell, no smell

Don't listen, don't hear
Go tell in the hotel
Drink a cocktail
Pink and rock sale
Link and cock tale
Mink and sock, fail
Nobody is listening
My command of
Is in the land of
Cattle bottom love
Butt fluk the glove
Don't whistle, don't fear
Rookie is a chip cookie
And I am not a bookie
So don't call me nookie

-all poems gathered from her blog, Molly Arden Says So

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