Sunday, February 1, 2009

Nathan Austin

iPod Cento I

fffp — straight to gravitation. Straight
to "pulls you down" like nothing
's between my bones + skin. Oh
yeah! It is so quick,
my heart — every beep, beep, beep,
beep, beep, beep, beep to the bottom
of the sea. Beep beep beep — can't you
see what I've seen? Do you see
what I see? Look in my eyes, night
and day with the force of lunar
gravity stopped my heart
and soul so soft and shaking my
name and I know.

iPod Cento II

Far away
and fingers -- those
teardrops in my eyes.
Uh-uh. Why don't you melt
your heart again in my hand?

I know it's going
to feel like ice. In this charming
car, listening to the rain, the blue,
blue, blue sky felt

like you did then. So
fast it's real -- so
scientific it makes
no difference.

Songs mean a lot (iii)

I’m gonna boy with
the steeples, graceful
to the only and ’til it
rests I try in a ways. To hear

shake lineament stars. I’m
a late the roof. Just you, so
only so nearly, so roving – I

chew and I’m empty, lose
the diamond completely.

Rest . Pause . Dwell . Stay

When I hoped I
hoped everywhere and l ing er

— - — - —

voice in di c e he
a rar y s
rar y in a ction • Well

in direction of • leaves,
of wind vanes takes
w ing • flushed and mistaken

— - — - —

To curl the air

A atethe cal m of
the candy
a Arrow straighter Love

e cor re s

bre k in vers

Discomfit . Surrender
not, or no fit er for
t he h ear t

this: as in ease, as
in Her same was Surrender

to return, to tear

up • of a bird: gloomily, to yield
to d well • with the wings

up • is not elegant
do-si-does, does she?

And how close she clings
and how

how • with rapture melt e

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