Sunday, March 1, 2009

About Music - Tord Gustavsen Trio

Before he started his trio, Norwegian pianist Tord Gustavsen was already very much involved in his country's jazz scene. Contributions to releases by groups like the Silje Nergaard Band, the Ulrich Drechsler Quartet, and others had already helped to establish him as one of Norway's top players.

In 2003, signed to ECM, Gustavsen, along with drummer Jarle Vespestad and bassist Harald Johnsen, released “Chaging Places” which was followed in 2005 with “Ground.” It entered the Norwegian sales charts and became the no. 1 selling album in Norway in its second week. The album sold well in the USA, UK and France. Two years later, “Being There” was released.

Johnsen, the bassist, forms a bridge between generations in Norwegian jazz, as he is equally at home with creative be-bop and cool jazz musicians, as with avant-garde projects. He has played with Bjørn Johansen, Sigurd Køhn, Christian Reim, Jan Erik Kongshaug, as well as the Silje Nergaard Band on tour and on CDs. In Tord's trio, his own lyrical voice is brought to the front, along with his remarkable inventive-yet-solid musical foundations.

Vespestad, the drummer, has been one of Scandinavia's most in-demand jazz musicians for several years. His range of experience covers projects like Farmers Market; Supersilent and the Silje Nergaard Band, as well as duo cooperation with saxophonist Tore Brunborg, trio with Petter Wettre, and appearances with Bugge Wesseltoft. Along with fierce technique and startling abilities in complex rhythmic landscapes, Jarle has a unique sense of expressive minimalism and quiet moods, which is really featured in Tord's trio. The trio members are among the most in-demand players on the intriguing Norwegian ‘extended jazz’-scene. Find out more about the trio at their website:

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