Sunday, March 1, 2009

Editor's Note:

Welcome to Issue Twenty Six of CSR! By now, you regular readers know my baby likes Hindu hula hoops and hates metaphors with sand in them. It craves chocolate foreclosure cookies and makes cute little sounds when it sees a bed nails. Baby has an uncanny ability to turn pulp into plywood and ordinary shoelaces into UN translators. We both like tender allegories and bars of soap on the shower floor. Issue Twenty Six is an eminence favorite too. This month is filled with bailout-proof photographs, along with a jar of muse-muddled art. Add to that, a group of garlic-eating poets, an intriguing music maker and one magical book review and you've got the possibility for a worldwide salmonella outbreak. Trust me, when you finish this issue you'll feel like an emergeency landing in the Hudson. Or diaper rash. Either way, this issue will remind you of apricots. So forget about your heels spurs and get busy...

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