Friday, May 1, 2009

Dave Skyrie


Welcome to these poems.
Welcome to these skirmishes
in the raging battle
against my boredom.
The fact that you read this
proves you a partisan.
have a rubber nose.
Don this false moustache
and become a spy for me.
I shall await your reports
smiling in the foxhole
I have dug into the middle
of my shoddy life.
I promise not to betray you
in the final lines.

Early Rising In Montreal

6 in the morning awake & watching
the mustard glow of sun growing
into day, I am wondering how, last
night, when you came to me in silk,
you managed to keep your nipples
in the very centre of two
small embroidered flowers

Winter Poem

See the way
my lady sleeps,
strands of knitting
from the arm of the chair;
half a woollen mitten
that soon will touch
even as she does,
against my skin.

Postcard To Joanne

It is cold in Sioux Lookout.
Last night an Ojibway woman
died giving birth
to a twelve pound boy-child.
At night an animal
circles my trailer and
in the morning I find its urine
spattered against the door.
Do not follow me here.
Wish me home.

-all poems previously published at Gravity

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