Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Editor's Note:

Welcome to Issue Thirty of CSR! By now, you regular readers know my child likes strolling along the Saregeti and hates golden oldies. It craves skyscarper soup in its pudding and makes cute little sounds when it sees bean stalks. Baby has an uncanny ability to turn strawberry fields into forever then add a tablespoon of salt. We both like hic-cups in our curry. Issue Thirty is anything but a weather report. This month is filled with hybrid photographs, along with a jar of muse-muddled art. Add to that, a group of sword-swallowing poets, an intriguing music maker and one magical book review and you've got the possibility of a perfect cowlick. Trust me, when you finish this issue you'll feel like a signature in the White House guest book. Or scabies. Either way, this issue will make you feel like good things in a mason jar. So forget about the heat waver and get busy...

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