Saturday, August 1, 2009

Editor's Note:

Welcome to Issue Thirty One of CSR! By now, you regular readers know my child likes lumps the Saregeti and hates alarm clocks. It craves shoehorn soup in its plaster and makes cute little sounds when things are separted by commas. Baby has an uncanny ability to husk corn then add a tablespoon of sugar. We both like hic-cups in our postage stamps. Issue Thirty One rings our bell. This month is filled with hybrid photographs, along with a jar of mustard art. Add to that, a group of sword-swallowing poets, an intriguing music maker and one magical book review and you've got the possibility of a perfect cork screw. Trust me, when you finish this issue you'll feel like the White House rose garden. Or scabies. Either way, this issue will make you itch. So forget about the summer block busters and get busy...

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