Saturday, August 1, 2009

Grace Andreacchi

The Mystery of Bliss

Green shoots a touch of silk
evening light hovering over rooftops

Hearts like eggs
enclose what might live

Every single thing trembles
with joy before it crashes

The wreckage too is beautiful.

From St. Sauvuer - County Poems

Caught in a downpour
one little goat
bleating can't shake of raindrops


Did you see them come? stumbling
through the fields
sobbing, blined by tears
running. pale arms stretched out
towards the river

On the Train from Glyndebourne

Was it you? O my untarnished dream
There in the dingy railway carriage
slender negligent
ignoring your three companions
was it you, my only love?

Or only the shadow of my old desire
Echo in evening dress
Narcissus after the noisy ball...
You got out at Clapham Junction
without me as usual.

A Poem For Parting

One moon watches over us

and many waters cannot quench

this light of ours.

-all poems previously published at Grace Andreacchi's website

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