Saturday, August 1, 2009

Jason Floyd Williams

the pull of destiny.

After performing
a small surgery
on a dying roof,
my grandfather and I
went to a strip joint.

Unknown to us
that we would meet
Destiny,and that she
would doa lap
dance for us.


Certain things you can
predict with ease–
We’ll destroy ourselves w/
chemicals & war, then
become slaves to evolved ants;
it’ll rain somewhere
on the planet in
and that elephant
at the Medieval Faire
will flip out–
stampeding thru humans
like King Kong putting out

I’m guessing 2 years.

Any intelligent animal would:
Roto-tilling footprints over & over
in the same small circle.

I’m just glad I got to ride it
before it happens.


They heard the story of Lazarus
while in the womb, so
when their dog– the one
their father had shot to teach
them a lesson in
ownership & responsibility–
had de-thawed from its
winter death & arose
to greet them & Spring
w/ half its skull exposed,
brain smiling w/ new activity:
They cheered for Jesus!

The father led the dog
away from the children &
gave it another bullet
and a deeper grave.

foreign aid.

Flower Clown goes to India
& answers the tiny
outstretched hands of
hungry children w/
balloon weiner dogs that
explode when

the cake!

Brando pounds table,
Women scatter, friends wipe mean
Faces, and drink more.

-all poems previously published at My Favorite Bullet

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