Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Editor's Note:

Welcome to Issue Thirty Two of CSR! I usually use this portion of the review each month as a comical intro to the new issues but this month I thought I would address two comments left behind in the previous issue. Two of the poets featured complained about not having given their "permission" to reprint their work. And they’re right. There was a time when I’d send invitations to poets asking them to send poems I could consider publishing. I’d send out perhaps two dozen invitations and get less than a dozen replies. That approach turned out to be just too problematic. I quickly learned just how temperamental artists can be. Personality issues, back and fort emails, the spam generated, constant changes and poet "updates" were so discouraging that I almost decided to stop CSR all together. You'd think that poets would appreciate a fellow poet admiring their work enough to publish it in his humble review. You'd think they'd bask in the exposure, especially when it cost them nothing, not even their time. And you'd expect that if you received a comment it would be one of "graditude". I do try not to reprint work when the poets states not to, but I intend to continue to publish issues in this manner. I honestly see no crime being committed, and as I said before, I simply don't have the time to do otherwise. Get over it you few complainers. Enjoy the fact that you have been selected to be a part of something done in style and good taste. Hello! It's publicity at no charge. Vent your feelings of angst at someone else. Put your ego in the dryer. You'll feel better and might even write better poems. You could even find the perfect cork screw! As for you regular readers, put those travel brochures about the casinos in Macau aside and get busy...

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