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Contributors Biographies

Ashley Capes: he co-founded Egg (Poetry) in 2002, which sadly ceased publication in 2006. Now he co-edits Holland 1945 and Kipple Poetry. His first collection of poetry Pollen and the Storm was published with the assistance of Small Change Press in 2008 and his second; Stepping Over Seasons will be published by Interactive Press 2009/10. He is currently teaching Media and English in Australia. Visit him at:

Bob Bradshaw: his work has been published in Eclectica, Stirring, Pedestal Magazine, the Mississippi Review, Cha: An Asian Literary Journal and many other publications. He works as a programmer in the Bay Area, and lives south of San Francisco. He is a big fan of the Rolling Stones. Unlike Mick, he is gathering moss and dreams of retiring to a hammock. When he isn't napping, he can be reached at

Susan Slaviero: her poems have appeared in Fourteen Hills, Arsenic Lobster, Sein und Werden, Lamination Colony, and wicked alice, among others. Susan's chapbook, Apocrypha, is from dancing girl press (January 2009). She co-edit’s the online lit zine Blossombones. Visit her at:

Andreas Kauppi: he is 27 year old Swedish amateur photographer who shots mostly B&W images using the soft-focus techque. His love of photography began several years ago and has grown into a passion. He lives in Uppsala, Sweden. Visit him at:

Maurice Oliver: his poetry has appeared in numerous national and international publications
and literary websites including Potomac Journal, Pebble Lake Review, Frigg Magazine, Dandelion Magazine, (Canada), Stride Magazine (UK), Cha Asian Literary Journal, (Hong Kong), Kritya (India), Blueprint Review, (Germany) and Arabesques Review (Algeria). His forth chapbook was One Remedy Is Travel (Origami Condom, 2007). He lives in Portland, OR where he edits Concelebratory Shoehorn Review at: .

Walter Durk: his work has been published in Sage of Consciousness, Chaotic Dreams and other e-zines. His poetry reflects his interest in nature, Metaphysical and Spiritual concepts and are usually shorter rather than longer. A fan of foreign films, he has lived in Asia but currently resides in the state of New York. Find out more at:

Keki N. Daruwalla: he is a leading figure in Indian poetry in English today. He is the recipient of the Sahitya Akademi Award (1984) and the Commonwealth Poetry Prize (1987) for Asia. Born in Lahore, he holds a Masters degree from Punjab University, Chandigarh. Some of his important works are Under Orion, The Keeper of the Dead, Landscapes, A Summer of Tigers and The Minister for Permanent Unrest & other stories. He also edited Two Decades of Indian Poetry. He is retired from the Indian Police Service where he began working in 1958 and resides in Delhi. Find out more at:

Kathryn Abernathy: she is a self-taught artist creates her work through experimentation and by willing to relinquish control and see what happens, which also runs the risk of losing what she has been working on for sometimes weeks. She feels that art has a power to heal, especially for her, a person who has suffers for years from near-contant migraine headaches. Her work is currently represented by Dezart On Gallery (Palm Springs, Ca), The Birdhouse Gallery (Memphis, TN), Soho Myrid (Atlanta, GA), and Willis Gray Gallery (Decatour, GA). Visit her webiste at:

Nava Fader: she is an elementary school librarian, attended SUNY at Buffalo's Poetics Program, writing her master's thesis on Adrienne Rich. Many of her poems use other poets names in the titles. She has been published in Nedge, Muse Apprentice Guild, No Tell Motel, FourSquare, Sawbuck, The Seneca Review, Shampoo, Moria, Womb, and sidereality with poems forthcoming in Bird Dog and seconds. She lives in upstate New York and can be visited at:
Stella Brice: she received her degree in English Literature from Rice University; and has worked, variously, as housecleaner, tarot reader and performance artist. Her writing has appeared or is forthcoming in Frank, Fine Madness, Southern Poetry Review, the anthology of border poetry Tierra Cruzada/Crossed Land and many others. She is a winner of the John Z. Bennet Prize and is co-editor of the literary journal Art Club. Her first collection of poems, Green Lion, was released in the spring of 2005. She lives with her husband David in a 102 year old house in Houston but has no website momentarily.

Closing Note: The editor would like to thank the contributors for the use of their work. Each contributor reserves their original rights. Look for the next issue of CSR online on Nov. 1st. Copyright 2009 by Maurice Oliver. All Rights Reserved.

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