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Contributors Biographies

Michael Estabrook: he is a baby boomer educated first in the sciences, later studying literature and languages earning two Master’s degrees in Comparative Literature, and more recently a PhD in History and Genealogy from Warnborough University in London . He has written poetry all his life, first getting published in the late 1980s. Over the years he has published 15 poetry chapbooks, his most recent entitled “They Didn’t Leave Notes.” Other interests include art, music, theatre, opera, and his wife who just happens to be the most beautiful woman he has ever known. They live together in an “otherwise empty nest” in Acton, MA. His email address is:

Fiona Wright: her poetry has been published in a variety of journals and anothologies in Australia, Asia and the USA. In 2007, she was resident at the Tasmanian Writers Centre, developing a series of poems about Australian soldiers in Sri Lanka, and in 2008 she was runner-up in the John Marsden National Young Writers Award. Fiona works as an editor for Giramondo Publishing and HEAT Magazine, and was a Project Assistant for the Red Room Company from 2004-2008. She lives in Sydney, Australia. She currently has no website.

Gordon Purkis: he is the editor of Mastodon Dentist, Nefarious Ballerina and Penny Ante Feud. His poetry has appeared in print and online in many fine magazines, many of which you can find by Googling him. A poetry collection entitled Circus Fragments and Other Poems is available at He currently lives in suburban Atlanta, GA and works in sales. Contact him at:

Sam Agnew: he says he has had a fasination with photography for a long time but only recently has began to try his hand at it. He shots with a Nikon D80 and a fifty year old Kodak Retinette and a Nikon F4s and now a Canon(!) EOS 55 with eye-control AF. He prefers the D80 but LOVES the F4 (If only film were free and scanning quick). He is currently a member of the elite online photography website Onexposure which he calls a humbling experience because of all the other quality photographers there. He lives in Doha, Qatar. You can visit his website at:

Rachelle Arlin Credo: she was a medical student when she was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease (SLE). The discovery turned her life upside down and almost destroyed it. Forced to stop her education and stay at home she began writing poetry. Her work has appeared in Poets Haven and elsewhere. She lives in Cebu, the Philippines. Visit her website at:

Vince Gullaci: his poems have appeared in Quill & Ink, Poem Hunter, Poetry Galore, Poets Haven, All Poetry, Strange Road, and elsewhere. He was originally born in Italy but now resides in Australia. You can contact him at:

Simon Perchik: he was a pilot and 1st Lieutenant in WWII, he is an attorney whose poems have appeared in Partisan Review, The New Yorker, Poetry, The Nation, North American Review, Beloit, Colorado Review, Denver Quarterly, Southern Humanities Review, Osiris, The Small Pond Magazine and The New Yorker among others. He latest collection, Family of Man (Pavement Saw Press) will be released Fall 2009. Married with three children and four grandchildren, he lives in East Hampton, NY. Visit him at:

Colleen Wallace Nungari: she was born full-blooded Aboriginal in 1970 in central Australia. She is the daughter of the famous Keringke artist, Kathleen Wallace and is the sister of Gabrielle Wallace, also an accomplished artist. She started painting in 1990. Her paintings are a precise dot design with vibrant colours, and various styles, including Awelye (women's ceremonies) and Bush Yam paintings, which refer to digging sites. Colleen inherited these Dreamings from her grandfather, Kenny Tilmouth Panangka. She lives with her husband and young family at Mulga Bore Outstation in the Utopia region, of Central Australia. Visit her website at:

Anne Lombardo-Ardolino: she known on the Internet as Anntelope and is the editor of East Village Poetry. In I Can Sing Fire, her debut chapbook (26 poems printed by Make It New Media, 2009) we see what she's been working on for decades: an aesthetic that is base but never banal, crude and sophisticated, and counterculture in a way that embraces the poetic tradition. In short, she's brought us a book which is pure rock 'n' roll. Besides writing poetry and short stories, she plays piano and guitar, composes songs (blues, jazz, country, rock and roll), and even paints a bit in NYC where is resides. Visit the website she edits at: 

Emily Kendal Frey: her recent work is forthcoming or has already appeared in Word For/ Word, Spinning Jenny, Knock Shampoo, and Sink Review. Collaborative work with Sarah Bartlett will appear in Portland Review, Bat City Review, and horse less press. Poems from Something Should Happen at Night Outside, a collaboration with Zachary Schomburg, will appear in Pilot and Diode. She lives in Portland, Oregon. Visit her at:

Closing Note: The editor would like to thank the contributors for the use of their work. Each contributor reserves their original rights. Look for the next issue of CSR online on Dec. 1st. Copyright 2009 by Maurice Oliver. All Rights Reserved.

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