Monday, February 1, 2010

Editor's Note:

Welcome to Issue Thirty Seven of CSR! By now, you regular readers know my child likes stick-on ultra violet rays and hates pretentious chop sticks. It craves Budapest biscuits in its Burj Khalifa Tower and makes cute little sounds at the first sign of a severe weather watch. Baby has an uncanny ability to detect gall stones then add a tablespoon of nutmeg. We both like halos in our stamp collection. This issue inspects both UPS packages. It is filled with hybrid six-cylinder motors and tomato soup in the art. Add to that, a group of hot coal-walking poets, intriguing taxonomy tools and a deep-fried book review and you've got the possibility of a seven course meal. Trust me, when you finish this issue you'll long to kidnap Hong Kong. Or bed bugs bites. Either way, this issue will make you itch. So forget about White House crashers and get busy...

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