Thursday, April 1, 2010

About Art - Sun Ribbon

Sun Ribbon is an outdoor sculpture formed in 19mm-thick steel, by two upright flat, circular bands, each 360 cm, in diameter, and three folder 'rectangular' planes comprising a total ensemble length of 600 cm. It was commissioned in 1980 and completed two years later.

It provides the students of University of Melbourne in Australia with a unique resting place among its massive unfurling bands, and is the focal point of one of the University's busiest thoroughfares, the Union Lawn.

It was designed by Inge King (born November 26, 1918) a prominent Australian sculptor, who has many significant public, commercial, and private sculpture commissions to her credit. She studied sculpture with Hermann Nonnenmacher during 1936-37, and in October 1937 she was admitted to the Berlin Academy of Fine Arts but was forced to leave the academy a year later, shortly before Kristallnacht. In 1939 Inge travelled to England, and spent two terms at the Royal Academy London until it was closed due to war-time bombing. She joined the sculpture classes of Benno Schotz at the Glasgow School of Art in 1941 and stayed until 1943. She met her husband, the Australian artist Grahame King, at The Abbey Arts Centre in Hertfordshire, and were married in 1950. Grahame and Inge returned to Australia and the settled in Melbourne in 1951. Find more at:

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  1. This is a great art since i never heard about this art.This is totally different because it is a sun ribbon