Thursday, April 1, 2010

Kayla Kane

said was

make demands
we are a match

half lit and well attached
i said “contain me”around you

shimmer shimmer shimmy.
shimmy shimmy shimmer on.

we know you're overrated

all that i see. an exchange with the floor
you’ve no legs at all
so transparent from the day i met you
stale in the plastic crumpled crippled crimped unused
sticking to the roofs of ocean waves
pulling from the roots of leftover grave
show many more blue sharks must i retrieve?
abolished. demolished.
frothy suds of something new.

i began to feel tried

i was a young boy once
but i don’t believe it.
you’re too old and wise to have grown to this
you had to be born 65. you are a nice thing

for awhile.

your plate’s filled with what you crave to eat
saying nothing
about how you’re tired

or understood.

listen to me bully

i don’t care to know what you’ve seen
your everglades love and ever lasting haze
make it up. i don’t care. just make it seem like it wasn’t me

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