Saturday, May 1, 2010

About Music - Casker

Casker is a South Korean duo made up of Yoong-jin Lee (Vocals) and Juno Lee (Produce, Compose, Arrange, Computers, Synth, Samples, Dsp). So far they have released 4 albums. Their music could easily fit into the electronica genre with plenty of up-tempo beats with a little old-school disco mixed in. It's the kind of music you'd want to listen to on a train ride into the city to mentally pump you up for a job interview or on a rainy day as you do a week's worth of laundry. The music is non-oppressive and the lyrics are song in the Korean language.

The first album was "The Planet Built" With Steel debuted the group in 2003. The second was "Skylab" which was released in 2005. Next came "Between" in 2006 and "Polyester Heart" in 2008. They have released 3 official music videos for Cat and Me, Nabi Buin and Ela (Bajo De La Duna) and their songs have been featured in dramas such as Coffee Prince. Find out more at:

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