Tuesday, June 1, 2010

About Music - RAmez

Ramzi Khoury became the first Lebanese artist to reach the NRJ Lebanon Top 100 by reaching number 24 with his hit song Leich Heik Baladé, a song mixing French and Arabic in 2007. He was born (June 3, 1978) in Beirut, Lebanon to parents of Lebanese origin. When he was nine years old his parents moved to Paris to escape the civil war in Lebanon. Because his first passion was radio, he began to skip school in order to meet radio hosts and discover in depth that form of medium . This passion lead him to continue his higher studies in the U.S. where he recieved a bachelor degree in communication with an electronic media emphasis. In 1989, he started actively supporting Lebanon by being selected as one of the "enfants libres" to sing, alongside Guy Beart, the chorus of the song Liban Libre. He continued to promote Peace in Lebanon as a radio host on France FM & Radio Nostalgie.

In 2001, he hosted a number of radio shows in the United States promoting French rap as well as American rap. In 2001 he also released his first album with an innovative and original concept consisting on mixing the French and Lebanese dialect together to put French Rap, Lebanon and the Arab world on the same map. This release, just after September 11, 2001, created a certain amount of controversy which added to the debates at University campuses across America, fueled by the fact that in 1999, he had already appeared on a compilation untitled My world to express the stereotypes used by western media to portray a distorted view of Arabs worldwide in a track called Taste of Rage and featuring Armagideon.

In 2005 his second CD was produced in Lebanon. The nickname "RAmez" was chosen a little bit after September 11 to stress on the importance of digging in the past to understand the present. In November 2007 in France, he contributed an unreleased song called, Un monde de fou (A crazy world), to a French Rap Mixtape that he chose to distribute for free on his website. This song came to the attention of Radio Orient in 2008, which broadcasted it all over France. His first CD was also released throughout Lebanon reaching number one in national sales, an unexpected and unprecedented success for Rap in Lebanon.

In 2008, the song Is it too much asking also from his second CD was played on Lebanon's Radio One and the controversial video in relation to that song was widely viewed on Youtube as a result. In 2009 he set up RAMEZ Productions (RAP) through which he intends to manage his music and other projects. He is currently working on his third album after 11 years of International work on Radio and Rap. Find out more about him at: http://www.ramezonline.com/

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