Tuesday, June 1, 2010


  1. I appreciate your interest in my images, but you used them here without my permission or without at the very least linking to my web site (http://www.isaleshko.com).

    You may keep these up provided that you indicate that they are copyright Isa Leshko, all rights reserved. Please also include the url to my web site: http:/www.isaleshko.com in your introduction to the work.

    Best Regards,

  2. Hi Isa,

    I try to promote exceptional work that I find at different arts-based blogs. My intentions are sincere even if my time is limited. Most artist appreciate the free publication beyond the sites where their work appears and to be honest, I look forward to notes of thanks and recieve them ever so often.

    If you scroll down to the bios/contributors info you will find both the copyrights reserved data and the links where readers can find every artist website. It is included in every issue. Your work is stunning but there are other artists that I can showcase in the June issue if you are still unhappy with the closing info, but it would be a pity that images like yours can only be found in a photo-based website. People with broader creative taste desire to see it too.