Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Laynie Browne

F Dictionary Sonnet

Floodgate, light drowsy particles
Containing a stream or a torrent
Of various other flatfishes or a small fleet
Wider than a ruffle, a barefoot sea
Low pressure almost unnoticeable
Form or manner
Small loyalist letters
Diamond shaped at the point
Of maximum ebb
Perspicaciously marked with initials
Of an ancient empire, it’s people or language
Paleozoic, occurring from light bantering talk
Characterized by the existence of many reptilian
Successors, elusively thin or tenuous

C Dictionary Sonnet

Tailcoat take a sharp pointed
microscope, midsummer in arctic
of mid-calf length
A quiet plodding horse
Ditto a forked stick useful
In locating underground
Birch or semiprecious biographer
Come semi-monthly titular vizard
Resembling glass, as in glossiness
Unknown or exhaustive vulture
Condole a rounded protuberance
on bone
Confabulate a person who makes or sells candies
Confessedly to keep within bounds

F Dictionary Sonnet

Flung a blank leaf in the front or back
Collection of minute bubbles formed
On the surface of a short chain or curtain
Hanging from a pocket oxide to prevent further
Flute players stock trading even or level with a
Surface flush to rouse and cause to fly fluorescence
Squarely, to hurl or propel a fly casting or a bird
That feeds upon flux, a hand or set of cards
All of one folio, fobbing off the distance
Between a focal point of a lens or mirror
And the corresponding principal flying
Squirrel, generally believed to be
From outer space, a segmental arch which
Carries the thrust of fly-by-night ruddy color

G Dictionary Sonnet

A very brief passing glassful
Twilight glob or globalism
Performed with a gliding effect
Such as sliding fingers rapidly
Over a tiny flash of light
Literary dusk or excessive gloat
A sphere on which is depicted
Ready and fluent glee
Gladsome or a small suitcase
Hinged to open into glacial
Epochs, glabrous given names
Such as gladiator having erect
Leaves and spikes of dress
Or manner

- all poems previously published at Dusie

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