Thursday, July 1, 2010

About Music - Dessa

Dessa (also known as Dessa Darling, born Margret Wander) is a spoken word artist, author, and MC from Minneapolis, MN. She is most well known for being a member of the Doomtree Hip-Hop Collective. She started out in spoken word poetry but was eventually coerced by a friend into joining the Minnesota slam poetry team. Her poetry was brought to the attention of MC Yoni, with whom she formed the group Medida (along with Omaur Bliss, and producer Ronin), her first foray into hip-hop. Yoni would be instrumental in shaping her understanding of Hip-Hop history, and would also introduce her to the music of the Doomtree collective.

Her first release with Doomtree, False Hopes, introduced a unique sensibility to underground hip-hop: literary, bitter-sweet, and wry. She alternated between a clever, droll persona as an emcee and her earnest, unaffected delivery as a singer with a low, clear alto voice. Her a cappella arrangements delicate and expressive, full of sad, old world harmonies. False Hopes attracted a varied set of ferociously dedicated fans in the Midwest and beyond. The press compared her to Lauryn Hill and Ladybug, and then as “equal parts Ani DiFranco and Mos Def” (Rift Magazine).

Most recently, Dessa published a book under the Doomtree banner. Spiral Bound, her collection of essays and poetry, was dubbed a “dazzling literary debut” by the City Pages and “witty and desperately honest” by Alive Magazine. A Badly Broken Code, her solo full-length record was released in January 2010 to an eagerly waiting number of listeners and music-writers alike. It earned 4 stars from Urb Magazine, a mention in Spin, and rave reviews from publications across the country. Dessa is also a founding member of The Boy Sopranos, an almost all-female a cappella group, with frequent collaborator Jessy Greene, Aby Wolf, and others. Find out more at:

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