Thursday, July 1, 2010

CSR: Issue 42 Contents/Contributors

Robin Ekiss

Frank X Walker

Dobby Gibson

Dierk Topp

Emmy Perez

Diana Der-Hovanessian

Julie Babcock

About Art - Tulips

Amera Wellmann

About Books

About Music - Dessa

Carey Salerno

Dan Nowak

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  1. I'm somewhat dismayed to have come across your ezine in which you've taken poems without permission or the knowledge of the poets. Or even (in many cases) given source details for the books in which these poems were published.

    How is this not theft?

    Instead of "Contributors" you should list the poets as "Victims."

  2. I dismayed that you would be such an "expert" on the working of my little ezine or that you would care! Boy, so much anger in those words. That much is clear. It's the "why" part I can't figure out.

    Now, you are guilty of "stealing" my time to write this reply to your nonsense.

    Get a life and a real cause to direct your frustrations at...

  3. You've stolen property. That much we both know. You now are trying to cover your theft through bluster.

    Yes, I am, indeed, an expert on rights and permissions and know that you've taken material without permission or knowledge of the rightsholders or poets. And you've stripped out the sources of the poems as well. You want to go on record otherwise? Didn't think so.

    Yup, I get extremely angry when poets get ripped off--I make no apologies for sticking up for them. That's why I started my company, The Permissions Company, Inc. in order to protect them from shysters like yourself, who try to cover up their deception with words like "contributor" and defenses like "get a life."

    Here's a thought: Look me up. Then save yourself a bit of time and email me your lawyer's information. I'm not kidding.

    You've stolen from my clients. And today is the day you are busted.

  4. So you make your living that way. It's money motivates your concern. The all-mighty dollar!Well, I just hope my crime is a federal offense.

    See, I have about enough money to keep a roof over my head for a couple of months max, then I'll be homeless. And I hear federal prisons are not half bad. Surely, they are far better than living on this nation's dangerous streets with nowhere to go, what with a gun in every other idoit's hands.

    Keep in mind, that I've got another 20 long months before my social security kicks in(if the federal government doesn't go bankrupt before then or extends the age limit to 70)so if the sentence is anywhere around that length of time things would work out perfectly.

    They say God answers prays in some strange ways sometimes, and Lord knows I have been praying for so solution to my economic woes. And to be honest, no matter how difficult times would ever get for me, this is about the most "criminal" act I'd ever have the courage to carry out,that of going online and reprinting poetry that is already out there for the world to read and enjoy.