Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ed Makowski

Memorial Day

Thursday before

about to call a friend
still enlisted Active.
Tour in Iraq

Tour in Afghanistan
Home again from a
tour in Iraq

Wanting to discuss barbecue details
of bratwurst, marinated chicken breasts,
which beer, who has enough chairs, water balloons,
the charcoal. Streamers for the bicycle parade,
if his mother is coming,
swimming trunks-

Then remembering
a 4th Drunk Driving conviction
gets mandatory jail time

Considering Christianity Towards Marriage

agreeing to
something I
didn't believe,

I didn't

Per Health Code

Wisconsin statutes require
that women's restroom
trash cans

but the trash can lid
makes placing things inside
more difficult

so the cleaner
women's rest room
has garbage
all over the floor

State Of The Union

Fifty years ago
television viewers
were allowed only
Elvis Presley's face
his hips
Black Music

Today, at the
Young Men's Christian Association
Women in lines
wearing tight clothing

stood, gyrating
all their

hips, thighs,
buttocks, breasts,
sphincter muscles kegels
and labia minora

in the rhythm
of music made by
Actual Black People

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