Friday, October 1, 2010

Contributors Biographies

Cath Vidler

Bio: her chapbook 'Cloud Theory' was published by Puncher and Wattmann and her first full-length collection of poems is forthcoming, also from from Puncher and Wattmann, in 2010. She is the editor of Snorkel, an online magazine specialising in the publication of creative writing by Australians and New Zealanders. Visit the site at:

Tasha Klein

Bio: her work has appeared in A Passage Through Agust, Shampoo, Numinous Magaine, MiPo, Opium Poetry, Helium, Gumball Poetry, WOMB Poetry, Eclectica, 2River, The Pedestal Magazine, Plum Ruby Review, Snakeskin Poetry, Tryst, font 3 Poems, 3rd Muse Poetry, and elsewhere. Tasha AKA Petra is inspired by the poetry of Anne Sexton, Jim Morrison, and E.E. Cummings. She works as a receptionist and lives in Dekalb, IL. Visit her at: or

Bill Dorris

Bio: he has written about 150 poems on the usual topics. Some of them he likes, especially the ones on the Celtic Tiger which Paul Muldoon told him was “only brilliant”… but then who publishes 120 line poems? Living in Dublin and hanging out in places like Morans Pub, he is currently writing The Secret History of Irish Set Dancing… think Capone, Rambo, W (aka Warren G. Harding), Marilyn, Florrie Brosnahan, Bonzo, Diamond Jim Brady, Bojangles, etc. Contact him in Ireland at:

Zvetan Mumdgiev

Bio: he is a member of the Bulgarian Artists Society and the Bulgarian Society of Architects and has a degree in civil engineering. His photography which is often mistaken for art, has won several international prizes and has appeared in group exhibitions. The photos are always taken with one of several cameras he owns then put through a series of computer programing techniques which alter or even sometimes delete portions of the image. He lives in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. You can visit him at:

Crag Hill

Bio: he has been published in several literary journals. His most recent book is 7 x 7 (Otoliths, 2010). First published in 1989, a new edition of Dict was released by Xexoxial Editions in 2008. With Nico Vassilakis he is editing the first major anthology of visual poetry, The Last Vispo Anthology. Residing in Moscow, ID, he teaches English Education at Washington State University. Email him at:

Sirrus Poe

Bio: he lives in the midst of the tall, evergreen pines of Northeast Texas where he spends much of his time considering life in all its strange, and sometimes, horrific realms. He has traveled and lived in numerous places across the country, but settled down in Jefferson, Tx. after a southern bell showed him how to love. They have two kiddos, Peage and Tyler, that their mother says acts better than their father does. The father is trying to improve, but it seems to him that growing up and acting like an adult all the time is a waste of laughs and smiles. Visit the whole family at:

Gary Wilkens

Bio: he earned his PhD at The Center for Writers at the University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg. His first book, The Red Light Was My Mind, was published in 2007. His poems have appeared in The Texas Review, The Prague Revue, The Yellow Medicine Review, The Cortland Review, The Adirondack Review and MiPOesias. He will shortly become Assistant Professor of English at West Virginia University Institute of Technology in Montgomery, West Virginia where he will be living. Visit him at:

Valerie Mankoff

Bio: she is a doctor by profession who always been an artist - both graphic and poet/writer, despite having no formal art training until later adulthood. In recent years she has studied at New Jersey Center for Visual Arts and the Morristown Art Association. Her creative influences include the work of Joseph Cornell, Joan Snyder, Romaire Beardon and traditional Asian Art. In addition to her life as an artist, she has been in private practice as a Psychoanalyst for the past 20 years. She was recently elected to membership in the National Association of Women Artists. She lives in the state of New Jersey. Visit her at:

Richard Lopez

Bio: his poetry has appeared in Jacket 25, Shampoo, MiPOeias, Chronogram Magazine, Eat My Tangerine, and elsewhere. He walks to and from the office everyday where he sits hard at work hunched over his desk like a medieval monk laboring in the scriptorium. He is currently working on his fourth chapbook but he does that work at home, a place he shares with his wife and son, watching his favorite TV show "UFO Files" while spitting beer, usually served cold. He lives in Sacramento, California. Visit him at:

Suzie Q. Smith

Bio: she has been writing poems and reading them on stages throughout the US for more than a decade. Her work has been published in numerous anthologies and literary magazines, while her name is well known among the slam and spoken word circuit. She has been featured on numerous television and radio programs, and recordings of her poetry and songs have been sampled and remixed all over the world, earning both high acclaim and controversy. She works as an Activist for civil rights organizations, victims advocate organizations, arts organizations, peace organizations, and more. She is mother to an amazing eleven-year-old daughter who fills her life with joy in Denver, Colorado where they live. Visit her at:

Closing Note: The editor would like to thank the contributors for the use of their work. Each contributor reserves their original rights. Look for the next issue of CSR online on Nov. 1st. Copyright 2010 by Maurice Oliver. All Rights Reserved.Visit my poetry blog:

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