Friday, October 1, 2010

Richard Lopez


1) tripped by the sense data the love

2) one extra saga the sage holy shit

3) enter the pixel become the touch

4) bend down track the ping

5) out and exit the sofa beckons


Driving NorCal flat valley ag land

Set up camp eat cheese & baguettes

LemonadeWholly summer

Holy summer

Give to it what you will

Rolling clouds

Thick mountain range

Of fields & fields of lavendar


journey thru the interior / the heart’s thump turns a dog’s bark

i have a fly idleness / as still / as motionless as wings

surface as smooth as marble / as thick as a plank

i heard my name in the waiting room / there is no other me

i am stalled like an elephant / gored by want

it stood still / time / watching her ass walk by

the street was crowded / there was no other me

pastiche cried the vendor / i heard the word pastry


go outside to see where my heart leapt
no more like exploded like a cannon
from my chest search static buzz if only
if only to repossess and reprogram
the brain the circuitry misfires
again search below above i forget which
find the hammer nails the tongs
to pull out the soul hoping for that ufo
alien abduction find instead hanging among stars
the white flare of the searchlight of the police copter

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