Friday, October 1, 2010

Tasha Klein

Peanut Butter & Banana Sandwich

crumpled foil

someone says
let's ride our bikes
through the rain

impossible strangers
balance on my sofa

the pretty one has
black circles
his eyes

metal skull
turning his neck green

fade to death
on his tight jeans

the other
reaches for his glass

-slow vocabulary of movement-

there is no god


-box-cars of heaven-

Corkscrew Misdemeanor

it's like you suck off my boots

with each sip

but run ahead of the soundtrack

a hushed chorus of synthetic noise

caught in your eyebrow

and yes

you pour and

i sink


Your Lips

standing water


square feet

in my song

when i can't sleep

can't feel you

through the holes

in the salt

the trees turn soft



Daze Nutn Like It

you bead the last lucky star into your
art of defunct..

Love is: a pink stall

luminous bolts

a small generosity

the tangle of imperfect limbs

a vicious downpour
that rages & expands
smelling of sweat &
scarlet underthings

love is a dirty river
pressed to your face

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