Monday, November 1, 2010

Felino A. Soriano

Approbations 502
—after Marcin Wasilewski Trio’s The First Touch

of a Summer hand
heated prisms pointed inward:
of agape sincerity, skin
bathe, virtuous societal neoteric custom
toward listening anthology of bodies:
walk, tempted relay the heard spines
curving toward emotional stints : smiles
overcome burgundy clouds
squatting before releasing slants of wet
atop those heading toward praise.

Approbations 504
—after Ana Fort’s Lullaby

Hands have their various voices: embrace, twist
reinvent shades of documented chaos. Too
voices have their various hands: embrace, twist
control environmental shades of
the young one’s necessary modes
of interpretative rest.

Approbations 514
—after Noah Howard’s You All

among skeletal glances
her face asterisk
denotes italicized semblance
feature forward anger
butterfly drunkard bounce:
glare, yes, the eye of your love
silk at times (pleasurable too; such farness)
now however
shard-blend physical violation,
touché to the forgotten
tongue (yours)
anniversary surprises
late, too, yes
wallet non-finite
cannot reclaim smile of yesterday’s
moment of emblematic, enigmatic

Approbations 516
---after John Coltrane's and Don Cherry's The Blessing

Resembles silvery stutter of wings, apparitional
recalling the name
of illustrative contour
corresponding annex
growth human etching
as the gliding concept
overwhelming quotidian constructs
famous for clichéd signals foreboding
aggregated sheep. Stilled. Requiring
interpretation’s orchestrated boons
nearest translation of intertwining air
the lake’s turquoise
construct of rippling ambulation.

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