Monday, November 1, 2010

Joy Helsing

Fantasy Tour

Let's take a trip,
Just you and I,
On a Mobius strip.
I'll tell you why:
It's a fun-filled ride
Round and about
On a singular side --
No in, no out.
We'll repeat each day
With never a doubt.
We cannot stray --
Not thereabout.
Whatever we do,
Each fabulous view
We'll see anew
Is deja, deja, deja vu.

-previously published in Mobius

walking on dream feet

down a long dream street
I peer in shop windows
at baubles not there
hear the rattle of dishes
from phantom restaurants
pause to pat
an imaginary dog

-previously published in Brevities


Dropped ice cube
slides across kitchen floor
into corner cobweb
Spider rushes to fix web
pauses perhaps puzzled
by invasion of Unidentified
Frozen Object

-previoulsy published by Poetry Jumps Off the Shelf

Musing in the Museum

the skull in the glass case
reminds us
of our history
and our destiny

-previously published in Poetalk

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