Tuesday, February 1, 2011

About Art - Armillary Sphere

Landscape architects for the company Lovejoy invited sculptor David Harber to create a focal point to enhance the main entrance of this prestigious, luxury development in Kensington known as The Philimores.

As a result, Huber created Armillary Sphere, a sundial that combines a magnificent 1.5 m armillary sphere with an elegant water feature at its base. He wanted to make a sculpture that would command a feeling of great presence without screening the view. David and his team and went on to oversaw the entire installation.

David Harber has earned an international reputation for creating innovative, contemporary designs paying homage to the past, and taking the marking of time as his inspiration. His work has an ethereal quality, drawing integrity from his commitment to using only the finest quality materials; beautiful, sometimes mysterious, always intriguing. Find out more at: http://www.davidharbersundials.com/corporate/zabeel.html

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