Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Editor's Note:

Welcome to the 50th Issue of CSR! By now, you regular readers know my child likes Apache memorabilia and wild mustangs. It craves yo-yo string in its shoes. Baby has an uncanny ability to find petting zoos, and not just any goat's breath either. This issue flashes red lights at the guardrail. It is filled with a high school play waiting for applause. Add a group of poets sitting on the window sill, music to collect tulip bulbs by and a lion's den in the book review and you've got the possibility of an entirely new generation of roof gargoyles. Trust me, when you finish this issue you'll never want to make plaster molds of the motorcycle tracks again. Or bed bugs long for democracy too! Either way, hip-hop ate the linen. So, put aside that girly mag in the nightstand drawer and get busy...

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