Thursday, October 1, 2009

About Music - The Beijing New Music Ensemble

The Beijing New Music Ensemble is the only independent musical ensemble dedicated to new music in China. They use a modular organization to allow for both small‐scale chamber music and larger ensemble with conductor. The five core members make programming choices and other artistic decisions collectively, while drawing on a larger group of the best from the cityʹs orchestras and conservatories.

Since 2005 the ensemble has been “presenting chamber music in a revolutionary way” (Macao Daily). A young, vibrant group of diverse backgrounds, the ensemble has performed across greater China and in South Korea, in concert halls, bars, universities, and art spaces, and was featured on BBC Radio Three in the summer of 2008.

They regularly performs with the most innovated performers on Chinese instruments, including guqin player Wu Na, famed countertenor Jiang Qihu, and guzheng player Chang Jing. In addition, the ensemble also has collaborated with experimental musicians Zhang Shouwang, Bruce Gremo, and electronic music composer Tseng Yu‐chung. In a 2007 concert, they worked with Shao Yan, who interpreted the music through real‐time calligraphic art. Often collaborating with musicians of traditional Chinese backgrounds, they created a grassroots forum for contemporary music in Beijing and, in three years, has presented over three dozen China premières to growing audiences. The debut CD of the ensemble was released in June 2009 by international classical label NAXOS. The CD also features work by BNME Artistic Director and award-winning composer Eli Marshall. Visit their website to find out more:

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