Thursday, October 1, 2009

Nava Fader

Oedipus the cured

at the ten mile mark
maker cheese curds curl
all the wrong way
my old computer with the two
disk drives Those locks position
and purloined sexiest of roasts
trippingly a hair in every word
and every mouthful.
Spinning up and listing on
old alfredo Spitting up finally anchor line
round the ankle
dumfounded flasks squint an eye (whodunnit
in the moonlight
made me ugly mittens on a string
wool gets wet
immediately packing
snow as glutinous
now clot in the white blood of what’s gone.

Take: her wish to be chaste (Alice Fulton)

read: jeering
in silence sarcastic
applause in rain plus
solar powered calculator a panel
apnea sleep the sleep of split in dreams
cosmic organza you can feel it
but you can’t remember
I will take you
piece by piece peel a thin
sample for the microscope
where you will be revealed
threaded and veined a whole lot
happening apparently
scent this: to your secret
animal play dead the leaves
waiting for their drink of blood
siren ledges weep in their longing to you
scraps we called trash
take to the air

To be a vehicle for the dead to speak through (Carl Dennis)

vanguard enemy swathed in muslin bagged before
they go down two for the price did you really hold
a bird in your hand feather to bone its small
bird heart and hard eye?
Ostrich peacock chicken livers
cooked up nice is it more
sacred to eat
or to be eaten more cold hearted
hearing voices urging chop off his head
stuff the cavity with garlic don’t just kill
the bugger smear the pulp on the windshield
His genius
gneiss gluttonous bending
toward the light at the bottom of doors
and what he heard therefore bent
Quixotic lassoo fire in pumice. Animal tracks
still muddy in shale.
The different kinds of rocks
flatter yourself
the beach waits for a sidearm pitch
you edge a notch for days and days coconut
pitiless suns a new one every day and every day
quite like

Pones and Porcupines and Pills (Jack Kerouac)

quiver of corn polenta is the peak
age aims for shoddy shoes Marking up
the sand duenos sullen as pisssmell that?
there was once
a cat lived here and in heat
more than once. Calibrate
her milk poor bones and ironic that
tin hip silver tooth (she’d sink not swim come deluge
calcification turns the gums catacombs
Mountains make the best
headstones or nearly
reaching toward still
the way up Everest for example
How to scare em out The quills
I mean. Cloud haze may turn eyes
milky ha ha got his nose
froze off sherpa him in a litter
down the mountain
made its mark on him.

It is no night to drown in (Sylvia Plath)

tunnels are tokens if you could run
slippery sides echoes
murmuring rock demurs
rumbling volcanic gut ash
whispers whippers whippoorwill
small singing caught
corner of your eye. Soot marked
and steamy. Bottom dwellers have
stones for pockets. Their mouth
an eternal stone. All guesswork gypsy girl

-all poems previously published at Womb Poetry

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