Sunday, November 1, 2009

Rachelle Arlin Credo

Morning Glory

the sun breaks through the eastern sky
peeping through the soft fleecy clouds
it stifles a yawn and gently simpers
then blows a kiss to the sleeping world

the somnolent mountains spring to life
like the dainty flowers in bloom
little birds perched on tree branches
chirp in unison to greet the royal sun

the sweet scent of red rose blossoms
fill the morning air with heavenly perfume
while bees hum seductive tunes to the flowers
as they flap their wings with the butterflies

the sun gives a lazy wave of greeting
as i walk through the little heaven
anticipation consumes my senses
as nature unfolds its pristine masterpiece


After swaying on the wings of dreams
In satisfaction of vaulting whims
I was finally headed back to our abode
Into the forgotten zone beside the road.

As I trotted the all-familiar path
I remembered my li'l bro - oh, that brat!
Yet my heart was wrenching down to my soul
I guess I did miss that brat after all.

Countless trees lined up the aisle
One after another, they ran for a mile
Reminding me of Little Miky, Fran and Camy
Queuing in line to wait for Daddy's candies.

The morning breeze blew against my face
Sending shivers through my spine to base
Oh, how I missed Mommy's delectable cuisine
Of chicken soup, meatballs and mmm, ch'ao mien!

Counting past five houses and one old bridge,
My anticipation grew and all excitement merged
A few more steps and a turn to the right
I'd finally be facing them all sound and bright.

I finally arrived and walked through the door
Then the lights went on and everyone roared
"We all miss'd you!" they bawled with cheer
I simply cried, I just couldn't be happier.


Pang vanquished all my emotions
Clutching my heart causing unbearable pain
Tearing my past behind desperation
Refusing to halt its wrath leaves me forsaken.

I struggled away from the sad reality
But I ended up distraught and desperate
As I wait for the old pomp to revive with victory
I was left in an ebbing crave's state.

With poignant memories casting a light of endless gloom
The incessant mourning eventually drives me insane
Only to break in a lonely ember's doom
I find myself cowering in so much pain.

A Friend

Someone who makes you happy when you're blue
And keeps your company wherever you go
Someone who's there when things go wrong
To give you courage and keep you strong

If you are tired, weak and weary
He is a refuge of comfort and sympathy
And if you're weighed down by great despair
He's always there to lend a shoulder

His presence makes everything else easier
His wisdom to help, his laughters to cheer
Indeed he's the one whatever you'd call
A companion, guide and counselor - one and all!


You are a silhouette, hazy and gray
But a vain creation of lover's memory
A fair illusive vision everywhere displace
With a shady luster away from my yearning embrace.

You are a lamplight glimmering with a flicker of surprise
A semblance of beauty that surpasses the azure skies
Endowed with a charm with a form of airy grace
Embellishing the black immensities in a peculiar maze.

You are an innocuous moonlight angel
With the loveliness exceptinally real
Across the cold and misty moonbeam
Where no twinge of conscience can deny in any theme.

Oh, you're but a being matchless to compare
A creature so alluring, how I love to touch your hair
But alas! You glided away and faded out from my vision
And only the whispers of your heart beats in slumbrous fashion.

In the nocturne rhythm of the night
Where my perception was deceived by my sight
I was swept by the waves of realization -
You are just a dream, a product of my imagination...

- all poems previously published at Poets Haven 

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