Sunday, November 1, 2009

Vince Gullaci

The War Zone

Bodies unburied
by a careless force
a fierce wind
plays over splayed limbs
and arms akimbo
carries the assailing smell
of the tip
where the waste is human
and great beasts
devour flesh
from unyielding bones
frozen in time.

Hard Wired
I knew
the sound
of sad songs
even before
I was born
the fresh milk
turned rancid in my mouth
scouring rivulets
of acid
hard wiring the brain
to self destruct on cue.

On The Park Bench 

Better those drinking beer
on life
than the philosopher
the minutiae
of fluff
in his navel.

In Love 

I'd rather
catch a ride
on your coat tails
than be left
in your wake.

The Riddle 

To whom
would he
a dot
to join
the many
a pattern
to remain
a puzzle
a little man
in a huge

-all poems previously published at Strange Road 

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