Friday, January 1, 2010

About Art - "Le Pouce"

"Le Pouce" (The Thumb), was originally cast in 1965 and made for an exhibition at the Galerie Claude Bernard on the theme of the hand, allow Caesar to experiment with new materials for synthetic resin molding of his own thumb extended pantograph, followed by iron metal in different sizes . This work by the artist from Marseille is also present in the lobby of Acropolis (the Palais des Congres de Nice). Edited by postage stamp at a price of 6.70 francs, representing the thumb will be sold at 5 188 850 copies in 1997.

This sculpture has a huge weight of 18 tons and a height of 12 meters. Estimated between 900,000 and 1.2 million francs, this incredible artwork was auctioned as part of a sale in the prestige Drouot-Montaigne area in Paris at the International Fair of Contemporary Art (FIAC). One of the three creations was recently purchased by a collector for a cool US $1,745 million. This is the highest amount ever paid for any of the Cesar’s works till the date.

The artist, César Baldaccini (1921 – 1998) was born to Itallian parents in a working-class area of Marseille, and by 1960 was considered one of France's leading sculptors. In that year on a visit to a scrap merchant in search of metal, he saw a hydraulic crushing machine in operation, and decided to experiment with it in his sculpture. He astonished his followers by showing three crushed cars at a Paris exhibition. Baldaccini was at the forefront of the Nouveau Réalisme movement with his radical compressions (compacted automobiles, discarded metal, or rubbish), expansions (polyurethane foam sculptures), and fantastic representations of animals and insects. The thumb (which was copied in bronnze from his own) is one sculpture among his casts of sculpted breasts, female torsos and clenched fists. César's thumb sculptures are exhibited in many big cities in the world, including e.g.: Paris, Marseille, Shanghai & Seoul. Find out more at:

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