Friday, January 1, 2010

Nydia Bonetti


girl, get up!
ordered me to poetry

(holding me by the hand)

got up
and I began to walk

Old Trees

watching the old tree could see as clear (clear)
it has body and soul (and all living things)

body (matter) that rises towards infinity (sun)
branches (arms) that extend over the avenue (life)

and the soul


Unlikely Sun

the bird that lives in me and insists on singing
sensing suns


fool, did not realize yet, that night
abysmal living in

never dawns


owls pram

the rooster crows and the earth heart


is appease delusions
and desires

the night calls

the sun the sun the sun ...


Blue Elephants

time does not stop it. it is hopeless. retraced running,
lately. stampedes. stampede. herd
__ Blue elephant

lava flows. rapids. tsunami. waterfall. avalanche. mixer

us, surfers on waves unstable. wax hair, golden skin
__sob the sun is dying

us, tourists on safari in Kenya. flying low over the
red mouth
__de a volcano

climbing Everests, facing the Sahara sand storms

the distance life: mirage. oasis

-all Poems from her blog Longitudes

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