Friday, January 1, 2010

Richard Wink

Quarter Century

There appears to be some magnificent characters
in this world
but I haven't met any of them.
Because they exist behind red brick walls
I would be delighted to speak to them
but their mouths are wrapped by gaffer tape

There seems to be endless fields of possibility
green and fertile
but I've never walked across them
because my shoes are white and spotless,
besides I have a television schedule to follow
and my bulbous hands cannot grasp the key to my front door


We forget the road and retreat into ourselves
me and the other guy
whilst the flash of rash thinking takes us back
to the living land

Sadly all I can remember
is falling from the most comfortable seat.


I walk the tightrope of cliche
with the ease of melting chocolate,
ook down on me with your designer coal miner eyes
which quell surprise are hidden
by pretty pink Ray Ban's

I haven't ever seen a hand gun hold up a post office
though I've come across a few butter knives
coating scones and tea cakes.
I've watched saliva dribble down many earnest ruddy faces

All over
empty pockets prevent us from running
our tip topes kiss the pavement
stretched muscles gurgle and creak
red raw elastic bands washed down
the storm drain after a heavy downpour

No More Pix ‘N Mix

Woolworths is closing down.
Never mind people burning their own cars
and filing false insurance claims
Never mind new brides pawning their
wedding rings
Woolworths is closing down

I suppose the recession is real now
not just a far away threat
like Heroin addiction, terrorism
or mad cow disease

All our seductive splendour needs to be
sucked up and stored with
cheap tins of food. Every breakfast
served with baked beans


Voyeuristic devils
look for hell,
and the glory of gold

- all poems previously published at Laura Hird

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