Monday, March 1, 2010

Ashutosh Ghildiyal

Uncatgorized Feeling

I was having a feeling
unrecognized and uncategorized"
should I seek to express it?"
is what I was thinking
when a very sick friend came to my mind
a poet whose only comfort, consolation
lay in expressing every encounter, sensation
by putting them in words and images
and entering her creative zone
a mental universe, a dimension unknown
full of mystical rainbows, mythical beings
when I, who lack imagination
and the bent for conceptualization
asked myself if escape is beautiful
and must beauty be expressed


What when the lamps burn
And the tides go out
And the rustling of leaves
Creates the sound of music

My forgotten barefoot muse
Goes out of printing
Into sprinting out of its cage
Overpowering itself in its rage

To where lie the clusters
Of unfinished muses
And clumps of unattended bruises
Clambering to meet each other

Romancing The Pen

My silly pen scribbles
Loftiest and poorest
Crystallized moments
Elucidated concepts

Connecting with thoughts
Copulating with feelings
In the oddest of times
Frivolous instances
Wherein the surreal
The material

Brimful of immaterial
Verbal Compositions

The Search

Searched in vain,
I have,
Grappled after the unknown,
I have,
With the memories of yesterday,
Projected the images of tomorrow,
I have,
Sought to seek,
I have,
The object of my own fancy,
Crafted out of my own wish,
I have,
Many a tantalizing carrots,
Dangled in front of me,
I have,
With promises of another life,
I have,
Deceived myself endlessly,
I have,
In hope of arriving at the unknown
Destination of my own knowledge,
I have,
Blind to the ever near,
Sought after the far away,
I have,
Till the seeker and the sought,
The thinker and the thought,
Vanished into thin air.

-all poems previously published at Madswirl

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