Monday, March 1, 2010

Ivan Jenson

Dune Road

On Dune road
in the Hamptons there is a house
by the beach where
at dawn a girl in the Jacuzzi
is serenaded
while a couple makes love
on a comforter on the sand
and a wealth of New Yorkers
sleep four to a room and
a parked Porshe glistens with
and summer dresses
flutter in the Atlantic breeze
patties sizzle on the grill,
the keg, the wine, the dance
of bride wannabe's
looking for a last minute
storybook millionaire
while the deep wallet guys
only want a quick
summer share
between two consenting
sun rise bathers
on Dune Road

Grocery List

I need a couple of items
from the store
pick me up
a carton of perseverance
with no expiration date
a dozen new ideas
a box of ethereal dreams
lips smiling and saying cheese
bring back breast, thighs, legs, and the chick
that goes with them
sugar and spice and
anything else you think
might be nice
and then you say,"don't you want
coffee, tea, or me?"
and I answer"if they still
have any more of you
in stock
bag that too"

-both poems previously published at Word Catalyst Magazine

The best part

The best part is over
all that is left
is you
stranded party goer
and your 20/20 hindsight
maybe some leftover sandwiches cold cuts
cold coffee and cold shoulders
you should have come earlier
when everyone was packed in the place
dancing and blowing kisses at the moon
but you were chiseling your masterwork
which has fallen and cracked

now you want in with
the in-crowd
but they have all gone
on to get some sleep taking with them
someone they could hold on to

so take what you can get
before they close the joint
and sweep up the confetti
once again you missed the best part

when everyone
had left their hang-ups hanging
in the coat check

Verse and Chorus


when she didn’t want to make love
he threw her suitcase across the floor
then they made love
and had Pierogies at five am
at that twenty four hour place


that was the night she
almost changed her mind


she watched MTV in the afternoons
she loved tanning centers
he said he was tired of cleaning
and paying the bills


that was the day she changed her mind
if he could do it all again
he would wish for
further indecision


and she would never
have changed her mind
and she would never
have changed her mind
Repeat Chorusand fade

-both poems previously published at Word Riot

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