Saturday, May 1, 2010

Sarah Ahmad


Reflecting a sporadic hero
Risking to hide the deficit

Some examples of a typical composure
Knowing which side is more shocked

Mistakes that the clouds are not aware of
Menacing bloody mayhem declared

Hands of the issue the criminal uses
Emergence of the approach of a new worldview

Missing of a serious absence

Denies the burning of a faltering affair.

Pouring Reign

One encounter with an unusual disruption

Creating memories


Stories of breakdown are source of power and grief
Complex matters affecting the failed hours
Uncertain trust in the touch of emergency

Dealing with the evident response to power
Damning the face of concern

Frustration is becoming the ruler's scandal.

Wired Scale

Grinding towards the final act
Speculation of fraud concludes
Victory allowed to compete

The flaw finds the corrupted
Wondering about a separate universe
Incarnation of the available evidence

As the truly crooked draw the line in sand.

Distant Impact

The notion that unfolds every facet
Meaning of the past targeted
As the planned restriction washes out

Free expression fuels the resentment
Censorship aims and measures
Doubt distorted by the willingness

Wishes of the resistant abandoned in dusty rooms.

-all poems previously published at The Argolist Online

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