Saturday, May 1, 2010

Tyler Carter


Because everything is right here an ending is right here. I
snap my fingers and listen to the aftershock. I pick my
head up to hear the sounds of traffic. I don’t mean to be
obvious but I stop for a second to think, and air goes
out the window. And I hear somebody driving by. There
was an idea to work through, to not stop until something

Phone Call

Memory is time. Going into your head is the physical
manifestation of time passing. To be out of time is to
concentrate on the closest thing available, the front
of your head for example. Your attention is out of time.
Attention does not move.


We got sick of sticking the brisket into grandma’s
mouth and decided to go for a walk. To the beach
where they were pulling out “blues” by the dozen and
throwing them into tubbaware. It was casual and the
old man asked us if we wanted a fish. Instead we ate
corn no mention of the light house, the ice cream was


Walking I get wet but from the desk there is more than
one afternoon. Sit and observe. Try a trying. What is
happening when you are late in a chair? If you want,
write more. Mind names, your hair, the expression on
the bed. It’s hard.

-all poems previously published at H_NGM_N

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